A digital currency wallet

that loves you as yourself

We wish for a perfect world where everything is free with no financial worries. That is why we created Gho to always make you happy.


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Best Innovation

You can always expect cutting edge innovation on Gho. Some features include


Unique service that encourages users to grow their communities and enjoy endless benefits.

Buy, Sell & Use Cryptocurrencies

Wallet makes it easy for you to securely store, send and receive Bitcoin (BTC)

Zero Transaction Fee

No fees for premium subscribers on interbank transfers, bill payments and SMS


Exclusive instant messaging IM service for customers that ensures Realtime customer service while on the app.

Welcome to a new
generation of financial services

Which provides opportunities for the users to become players in the service space. Unlike traditional service models, the users were just spectators, while service providers determined the type of service and who receives the service – all this is about to change with Gho!

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Unlock Magic in GetPay

GetPay completely rethinks everything about financial services. It represents all the things gho stands for; loving you just like yourself.

It builds on the incredible power of customers and their relationship with each other. And it is the first service that encourages you to create your community of users to aid payments.

Just remember to build your community by sharing your GetPay code with friends and family, and let the magic happen!

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No points
No tricks
No transaction fees
Continuous Payouts

When you pay for services on gho, we offer a free alternatives to help reduce cost of managing your financial services.

GetPay users receive monthly payouts on the 20th of each month based on activities such as BTC trading, airtime purchases, sharing GetPay code to friends and family continuously – the magic never stops!!!

Happy Payout Day!

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